Multiplex ASH 26

The ASH is Multiplex's flagship sailplane.
It is 1:4.5 scale, with a white gelcoated fiberglass fuselage, and obeeche sheeted wings rudder and horizontal stabilizer.
I got mine as a started kit through  the for sale/wanted sections of one of the discussion boards on the web.

A very nice kit, and very well flying sailplane, however, I have sold mine, because I just did not get enough opportunities to fly it, and it is a too nice ( and too
expensive ) sailplane to have it just sit around in the shop.

Specs :
Wing span            4m  - 157 in
Length :                1.78 m - 70 in
Weight :                5.3 kgs -  187 oz,
Wing area :           80 dm2 - 1240 sqin
wing loading :        66.25 g/dm2 - 21.7 oz/sqft

Controls :
Camber changing flaps
Tow release






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